AutoFill name and address in outlook?

Good afternoon. In outlook2016 when filling the "to:" at the moment, it is necessary to introduce first the name to turn autocomplete (pulls from contacts). If you enter the name of the autocomplete, is not included. Do I have to redaktirovat each contact and change the name, or is there another way?
July 9th 19 at 13:56
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July 9th 19 at 13:58
In Outlook there is a technology "AutoComplete" (search in your own local cache Outlook) and "Autoresolution" (Ctrl+K -> find GAL), from the description that you have "AutoFill" is not particularly clear. Suppose that "auto complete", as for "Auto check name" in the hotkey - updated on name and surname, then you have to accept.
There is a trick, but only works for names in Latin, though the affect on the organization, because the name convention must be changed.
Let's say you have opened a user in Active Directory: "Alexey Ivanov" - i.e., its DisplayName "Alexey Ivanov" and outlook will search by name and Inbox him create "" - in this case, in the autocomplete cache Outlooka - it will be searched for the surname and name.
But it is rarely suited for Russian companies, where it is still customary to have the name in Cyrillic.
All the above is true for Exchange 2013/Outlook 2013 and above.

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