How to organize multi-page seo structure?

There is a
It has page site/works.html
On this page are thumbnails of works: item1, item2, item3 ..
Of course each thumbnail has a link to the full page of a particular work
( for example site/works/item1.html the and seo)

While works little page site/works.html not much is loaded. But when they become of the order of 100 - she will very heavy.
The right thing to do?

1) Just let it go, leave as is:
2) All thumbnails to display on one page (works.html), and say on a few: works-1.html , works-2.html, works-3 .html , and these pages add to the navigation bar
3) maybe you should leave also works.html but it display only the first 50 thumbnails are works. On this page, make links of the form 2 when you click on that the content works.html is deleted and there are inserted the following thumbnails 50 works.
July 9th 19 at 14:05
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July 9th 19 at 14:07
Many questions on SEO is better re-phrased as - How will the user?

As I understand it is a website with portfolio work. If this is the case.
  1. Ask yourself would you be looking at a page where you more than 100 photos? If it was convenient for you?
  2. Is it possible all pictures are grouped on some basis? Important if the selected symptom to visitors?
  3. Does the user need instantly on the page of 100 photos?

And if I understood you correctly. After answering the questions you should get the following:
group1 - group work
item1 - the name of the work.

visit works make references to the group.

And on page connect for example lazyload. This will facilitate the page.

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