What tools and programs are needed for computer repair?

Hello I decided to repair computers, but don't know exactly what you need to take with you on the call here rough set:

1) screwdriver set
2) post card(haven't bought advise versatile and probably better for stationary and laptops)
3) a PSU Tester(also advise)
4) Multimeter
5) Brush for cleaning dust
6) plastic mediator, sticks, cards(for disassembly of laptops and not only)
7) the speaker
8) portable DVD-ROM
9) USB modem with bezlimitka
10) a couple of flash drives
11) universal PSU for laptops
It seems everything is correct me what else you need
P. S. And if you do not monitor how to check that is it can be such as using a smartphone via some kind of adapter what do you say?

1) Hard disk drive emulator-DVD-ROMa type Zalman
2) Use programs (and Advise which programs I'm used MB2k10_6.0
3) Aida64
4) Memtest
5) Antivurus
6) the cClear
7) Cristal Disk
8) Victoria(don't know how to use it, but will understand)
9) Windows all (Advise where is the torrent with the original images of all OS even XP sp1)
10) DriverPack(good or bad(if you have no Internet))

What else do you need from the software?
And generally, what else do you need?
And advise a reliable online store where all of the computers you can buy all high quality?

Thank you all for the responses Good people.
July 12th 19 at 13:34
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July 12th 19 at 13:36
Tambourine forgotten.
July 12th 19 at 13:38
generally Victoria can throw out, I understand you hard going from the detectors to fix her bad job, and very, very, very long
I liked the program auslogic boostspeed seems to be the version 5 (the next shit) it is clearly and beautifully "fixing" the computer. Just don't use it on win10, I say start breaking down.
Try at least to carry pirated software, such as avira free antivirus, an excellent job, the main thing to explain to the client that it is free and same powerful as the paid counterparts
Encode the stick bitlocker'ohms, what would the Department DOE*alsya
Nout better on the flats no need to fix long and the owners constantly run around. In General, nout it is better not to understand... Stick to software and desktop PCs
Remember if the total amount of software you have installed more than 50 thousand roubles it is criminal, if not then administrativka - not scary. So if asked to install autocad and photoshop with the clip went on yuh. Put the minimum wind-10 thousand, office somewhere so, well, the little things software
No need to throw Victoria, great program, though outdated, but still will live(on today's huge hard drives it is better not to use it, but home users still have in stock a whole bunch, and for screws up to 1 TB is perfect). But judging by the comments, you are one of those who need to cut the maximum number of attendants for the minimum time. - breanne.Predovic21 commented on July 12th 19 at 13:41
July 12th 19 at 13:40
Handy LAN tester, blue tape, plastic cable ties for routing of cables.
July 12th 19 at 13:42
first things first, disassembly of machinery, no matter a laptop or a hospital, to produce not only in the eyes of the customer.
possibly not the client. even if clean.
if you are going to serve not only individuals get a couple of simple office machines that will be put on the repair time. this will raise your credibility to the heavens.
they can also be leased.
never explain to the client that the problem is simple, all quickly repaired. he's already appealed and therefore do not need to advertise. if you want or asks the client to talk about the problem/breakage, you speak in professional slang. Be a Hacker in the eyes of the customer blea*s!
and never scold any hardware manufacturers or software!

and most importantly gain knowledge. otherwise, repair other people's computers will be at your expense.
July 12th 19 at 13:44
In another question you asked what hardware we need to go in the game. Are you sure that you should start fixing computers?
This is my first question I have a brother 11 years in charge he asked me just was not then, and the question is pretty dumb :) - breanne.Predovic21 commented on July 12th 19 at 13:47
July 12th 19 at 13:46
a set of course max , I'll give you a universal set or who do not advise , it all comes with experience , and a place to start.
Amazon ..... it is difficult to advise, it all depends on place of residence , the fact that a good Siberian it is not suitable for the residents of Central Russia.
and at the expense of soft - welcome to the torrents , what he will understand.
July 12th 19 at 13:48
P. S. And if you do not monitor how to check that is it can be such as using a smartphone via some kind of adapter what do you say?

netbook with adapter VGA hdmi dvii
And stationary? - breanne.Predovic21 commented on July 12th 19 at 13:51
: what's fixed? - gracie.Ritchie13 commented on July 12th 19 at 13:54
July 12th 19 at 13:50
To check/repair network still nothing in the list. Packard, a handful of connectors, crimping tool, basic LAN tester for quickly testing continuity.
And some simple, reliable, not heavy netbook/laptop can in different situations be useful. Router to configure the network/Internet to check, monitor.
July 12th 19 at 13:52
Instead of a PSU tester is easier to take BP immediately and change - common failure, almost a consumable.
The multimeter is a useful thing, but never useful, and BIOS all settings displays in health status.
Brush may be useful but the best vacuum, powerful enough.
For disassembling laptops it is better to equip a normal workplace, there will be dozens of small parts, need good light and plenty of tools.

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