As correctly describes the functionality and the "essence" in the design?

How to describe "entity" functionality and properties, the values of each function of the project?
Where to start the description, let's say, online, broadcast (webinar)?
July 12th 19 at 16:49
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July 12th 19 at 16:51
Functional requirements - a list or tree like you. What you have in the screenshot it's more like a structure, not functional requirements.
Read the software Requirements

For a description of the entity the UML or ERM.
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July 12th 19 at 16:53
In our experience, simpler is better. If you have a website or a mobile application that fit this format:
1) Structure.
2) Visual component.
3) Architectural component:
- types of data;
- functionality.

An example for a web service:
- The channel page 1
--Channel page 2
-About the service

Visual component
The home page must include the following elements: A, B, V.
When pressing And should happen something.
B must include a list of the latest news (link to detailed description of the news list).

Architectural component
-Data types
---The data type is intended for accounting of the news. The data type must include the following attributes:
----Title (type: string);

--The latest news
---A list of the latest 5 news (link to the data type "News"). The list should include:
---The list should be sorted by date, descending.

Functional features describe what could not organically be described in the sections above. For example, anything with a referral system.


And again. If your project is implemented on a ready platform, for example some CMS, BI solution or accounting system, I recommend to contact appropriate advisors or independently to explore the possibilities and limitations of the chosen platform. Otherwise you can spend time describing what could not be realized due to technical limitations.

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