How to get html from url in a specific mask?

Good evening everyone and happy holidays!

Help to solve one puzzle please.

The essence of the problem is!
Is there a site where there is a very large number of links, but they come as text and I need to get this page all those links according to a specific mask (for example, that would have only copied the link that looks like this¶metr=1111) (i.e. that it would be possible to set the start let's http;// and the end only numbers http://**********1111 and the rest they would not copy.

Could you tell me what program or scripts it can be implemented?

All I would be very grateful for the help!!!
July 12th 19 at 16:57
4 answers
July 12th 19 at 16:59
So you can: (for reference the regular season as desired)
Thank you!!! Useful service!!! Thank you! The truth had everything to do pieces because it's a large amount of downloadable text! But still thank you very much! All spars!!! - Ariane.Hell commented on July 12th 19 at 17:02
July 12th 19 at 17:01
There is a wonderful software for parsing - ContentDownloader
Also there is a wonderful php library
But there is still harsh, but the thing is - the regular expression
July 12th 19 at 17:03
July 12th 19 at 17:05
You want to select all links, and then from them to select those that satisfy the criteria. That is, in part, because as a reference source can change independently of the criterion and the selection criterion may change regardless of the source.

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