Digitization of analog lines, what is an option?

All kind time of day. The question has been raised, but I have a somewhat different situation. The office has 2 analog lines, they are included in PABX Panasonic TDA30. As is YOTA 4g router, which has 2 FXS port. The operator Zadarms acquired direct ip number , and it included a cloud PBX. Individually, all working, i.e. calls on analog lines TDA30 steers, and if to call to a direct IP number, calls go to the softphones through the cloud PBX. But when I try to connect 2 analog lines to the PBX cloud began to encounter difficulties. First the router YOTA not configured with a SIP account. Secondly, the FXS ports are not suitable for sticking to them are analog lines. Third in WindowsPhone-Ah application for IP telephony is not running in the background and do not accept calls when open. Well, it's okay, figure it. Interested in the following question, is it possible by purchasing a gateway with FXO ports to plug 2 phone lines to the gateway, they were sent to a cloud PBX, and she had directed the call to an internal number? Is it possible to exclude from this scheme TDA30? Or even better buy IP PBX on Asterisk and abandon a cloud-based IP PBX from Zadarma with do not understand what opportunities? In General, what are the solutions to the problem of digitizing the analog lines are there?
July 12th 19 at 16:57
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July 12th 19 at 16:59
Begin by determining the capabilities of your ATS - the list of boards

Bring in question the list of boards that you already have in the PBX.

If the PBX come in two analog lines, then it is a fee KX-TDA3180. And in this card - 4 port.
Therefore, you can connect your PBX with FXS ports on iota, and then to program it to the correct routing.
Do I understand correctly that in order to see the names of the boards need to spin it? under the hood, no names are seen. Just stick the wires and connectors. Can be a little bit more in detail about connecting a PBX with FXS? ie you can do without a VoIP gateway with FXO?
To understand the composition of the PBX, you need to connect to it using the software Maintainance Console. - manuela_Mohr commented on July 12th 19 at 17:02

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