Why the page looks different in the sandbox and on the website?

Sat on jsfiddle and something tried to do. Wrote something, got rid of the PC and the result is quite different. Identical code here and there. However, on jsfiddle option is normalized, and the LAN is simply connected normalize.css. In General, I think that all will be clear: the padding, alignment, the height of the list items.

What's the matter? Why is this happening?

Jsfiddle and uploaded the page to the hosting to show the difference (looked in chrome):
July 12th 19 at 16:58
1 answer
July 12th 19 at 17:00
add on his page
ul {
 margin: 0;

(normalized on jsfiddle is different from normalize.css)
Yes, damn, thanks, I totally forgot about padding/margine of the lists. - lucas_Robel0 commented on July 12th 19 at 17:03

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