How to adjust the lag in scrolling?

Hello! There is a script to synchronize the scroll, when scrolling the main unit there is a gap of 30 pixels of the second block, how to fix it? Or maybe some other method is to track the scroll of the first block?
.scroll-time unit that turn
.event time__time unit that scrolls behind it.
$(function() {
 var $pane = $('.scroll-time');
 var $time = $('.event time__time');
 $pane.bind('jsp-will-scroll-x', function($event, $destX) {
 var $leftX = parseInt($(this).find(".jspPane").css("left"));
 if ($leftX != 0) {
 $time.css({left: $leftX});
 console.log($time.css({left: $leftX}));
July 12th 19 at 16:59

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