Can I bring boxed OEM to another computer?

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A question to you: is in all respects an outdated computer. Once he bought a boxed Windows which flaunts the inscription dsp oei dvd (I understand this is OEM). With the disc was a sticker, after installation, stuck on the body and it still is there.
Recently bought another computer without any OS.

The question is: can I legally transfer that OS to a new computer, removing it from the old one?
July 12th 19 at 17:04
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July 12th 19 at 17:06
Boxed OEM does not exist.
Is either BOX or OEM. either corporate.

BOX can be transferred.
OEM is preinstalled along with the iron and it is not tolerated. Moreover, the OEM can start to swear, even if it was replaced a number of components.
On the other hand, the cunning sellers could "cheapen" the wind sold an OEM version along with some accessories.
OEM motherboards are selling. There is some bug in the licensing system: the OEM on another platform is considered to be licensed if there is a sticker and iron (the processor, motherboard, etc.) was replaced by a system Builder for warranty service. - Angelina.Emard commented on July 12th 19 at 17:09
ie even though the box says dsp oei dvd and is oem'bcra sticker included, it is still considered a box-OS version and it is safe to put on another computer? Box bought separately, without any reference to iron. - ben.Bashirian90 commented on July 12th 19 at 17:12
OEM shouldn't be sold separately, without any reference to iron. OEM should not even be on sale - it applies only to system builders, and sold together with the system.
What some collector violates the rules and regulations MS - these are isolated cases, which in principle you can use, but understand that after the first OEM activation license, move it to another computer, most likely will not work. - Simeon commented on July 12th 19 at 17:15

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