How to make user registration on the website modx "manual"?

The fact that the registration occurs automatically: when a user makes a request on the website. At this time, it is necessary to memorize a huge amount of information, including the username (e.mail) and password (generated).

I probovala how to use the plugin Login (the good, the manuals are a dime a dozen). But I don't podoshel, because I have no direct here is a registration form and confirms the password is also not necessary.

Attempts to register the user itself (save data in tables modx_users and modx_member_groups) also did not succeed. Can data and saved, and I can even login (no errors popping up) , but the system does not recognize an authorized user.

A search of resources on the Internet has stalled.

Tell me how to solve this unpleasant situation?
July 12th 19 at 17:16

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