Crowdfunding platform with the help of the forum, what engine?

All kind time of day. I already asked a similar question, about whether it is possible to implement a complete crowdfunding platform with the help of forum engine, the response was positive.
I would like to have more experienced people who have dealt with different engines forums, to ask, and what engine would fit best for this case.
I would like to build on the choice between IPB [Invision Power Board], and vBulletin.
But if there is much better suitable engines, feel free to offer, only please describe why Your engine is and what it is best suited for this project.

In advance I will answer those who wonder why would I do that if already full of sites in RuNet and abroad, in my country this site is not and I would like to begin to develop this view here. I want to start it from the forum, since I'm not a web programmer and write can not but attract money do not want, that are not 100% sure of the ROI of this project in my country.

Thank you for listening and perhaps said :)
July 12th 19 at 17:17
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July 12th 19 at 17:19
Actually forumnye engines are fine, and there are lots, but do I have to use them?
Say InstantCMS 2.* in conjunction with the payment (I think the script was worth about 3000 there is) a better solution than the forums. Besides a mini social network allows you to create your community and engage in correspondence on the website.
But the master-barin!
IPB and vBulletin devour a lot of resources. I like smf ( Russian community )
In addition, there are cheap hosting for this CMS with stable server and good technical support (hosting).

P. S. If your project is interesting, will help with launch, promotion and personnel (if necessary in the early stages). contact through here

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