What protection to choose for the partner Web service?

Don't know to choose what kind of protection for a Web service, between REST API / HTTPS and SOAP / WS-Security.

A web service is nasum affiliate sites, that is, this is a private web service.
Our web service needs to be reserved for data transmission between the client and the server.

I do not like Esparto, it is not clear which service is more suitable for this, except to say that worked with both.

I only know that the difference between them is this:

  • HTTPS is much faster than WS-Security
  • WS-Security is more reliable and protects data transmitted as a whole (or in part) during transmission. HTTPS protects only if it is on your record.
  • WS-Security takes measures for authentication, integrity, privacy, data transfer, HTTPS no.

Since we have partners, which will be provided our web service, will be about 80-120, the problems about the speed, I think, will not.

Know what working with REST is more practical than SOAP.

What protection to choose in your opinion ?
July 12th 19 at 17:18

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