Should I refuse to thumbs?

Guys, help with the implementation of photos.

On the website (online store) there are 2 kinds of images to the goods (avatar)
1) base size (which you'll see inside of product) 350x400px (always fixed)
2) Preview the showcase of goods 200x229 (reduced copy with proportionate)
The difference in weight is about 40-45%.

Question: can I opt-out thumbs?

Advantages (I think):

1) the Browser is much better (for some reason) does a resize down (img width="200")

2) it is Convenient to scale under screens. You can afford to make a small adjustment in size.

3) occupy Less space on the hosting (without thumbnails if)


4) More difficult pages work. Although given the difference in 40-45% and not too noticeable.
July 12th 19 at 17:31
1 answer
July 12th 19 at 17:33
40% is a big difference. showcase it I understand the main page. it is usually a lot of goods. and this will result in a few megabytes for the user and ACC a few extra seconds and store a few extra seconds this is the loss in the conversion.

in normal stores there is also a greater number of sizes are cut

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