Is it possible to configure the positioning of master page on the page in Indesign CC?

I have Indesign CC, which has the following bug: master-page centered when duplicating a page, the size of which is different from that of the master page.

Not my video: (I have a version of Windows reinstallation did not help to fix the bug). Bug observed on both the license and the pirate assemblies.

The question is: when resizing a page to display the master page on the page while it is possible to move. As it automatically, maybe there is some tool or scripts to help set up the automatic alignment of the master page on top?

PS. Googled the old bug on the Adobe forum has several topics, but the solution is not found. Moreover, it is a not a mass and in the Internet I did not find similar topics.

Thank you!
July 12th 19 at 17:33

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