How to run the process independently?

How to run a process in python so that it worked offline and when you close the script continued to work?
July 12th 19 at 19:25
1 answer
July 12th 19 at 19:27
A lot of ways. Offhand:
1. The easiest:
python skriptu &

2. In screen-session. Start screen. To run the script. Out of session.
A bonus for the number of the session you can go to this screen at any time and watch the status of the script execution.

3. To write a script, for example something like this: to start as a service. Bonus you can set the autostart at startup of the OS.

4. To write a python script daemon, for example something like this:

If you want to start a process from a Python script, which will continue to live after the completion of the Python script, you need to use os.fork()

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