Electoral artifacts of Intel HD how to remove it?

d3fea93d1ff14b819c8bf4313d0e2603.jpg2fded538fe194397ba2f06865b71ea75.jpgArtefact built-in clip on the beech, beech GP62 new MSI 2QE.
The program ATI Tool run a scan, artefaktov "no," but finds the "Delta", although in the eye program visual vidno yellow a scattering of pixels. If you click cancel and run the test again - all OK. And if you set the Intel driver to remove the CMAA, the artifacts there originally. However, they are manifested even in the browser - the picture falls apart on timbre youtube also throws pixels. Who faced with? Can pictures to throw. Another check in the molt can Windows regular buggy. If Yes, just remove the driver on HD5600, no artifacts in sight, but without the driver's life. The monitor is connected to buke through the internal DisplayPort.49f986fdc0ff4b1ca361763a71a3f856.jpg
July 15th 19 at 19:15

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