I will not use the printer how to save CISS system?

There is a Epson printer with a continuous ink supply system. Who will stand without work for the next half year.

How to prepare the printer for such downtime? How to protect CISS from drying?
June 1st 19 at 15:49
1 answer
June 1st 19 at 15:51
The situation is hypothetical for me (since mine is activated at least once a month - for the printing of receipts of payment for utility services), so I will answer speculatively as he would begin to send the printer to sleep if itch.
1. First of all, would merge CISS and washed with the wash fluid for ink. Which, if you believe what you post, there are the usual distilled water, and to produce it in commercial quantities from akkumulyatorov and physicians.
2. Would fill the whole path of the ink supply of the same water.
3. To guarantee the printed would fill this with water for several pages (each color - a black or other monocitami), until, while on paper the shade of the old color will not disappear. Then nothing would dry out.
And the withdrawal of suspended animation in reverse order, and also print samples.

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