Why SCRIPT_NAME is not passed correctly to php-fpm from apache module mod_proxy_fcgi?

When you migrate a single site a problem is detected, one of the URLs has ceased to work and began to give
File not found.

All requests to google only describe the solution for nginx.
August 19th 19 at 22:37
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August 19th 19 at 22:39
As it turned out the issue here in this bug

In some cases, it breaks SCRIPT_NAME used php-fpm for file selection. As you can see he is 11 years old and in no hurry to fix it. Yes 2.4 also this bug is.

As fixed? Elementary if .htaccess is
RewriteRule ^apps(.*)$ /apps.php/$1 [L]

then change it to

RewriteRule ^apps(.*)$ /apps.php [L]

And everything starts to work as if nothing had happened. The data URL if that is taken from the REQUEST_URI where they indulge in correctly.

PS Why would I publish it? For article on habré this question is too small. And toaster oven at the time.

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