After changing the Protocol SVN server on HTTPS why Intellig IDEA continues to request the old URL?


Today I decided to change the Protocol SVN server from HTTP to HTTPS.
The change was successful.
Changed to HTTPS in Intellig IDEA by changing the URL via the options menu SVN -> Integrate Project
Source 1 and Source 2 was changed to the https entered the password saving, IDEA saw the directory of my project on HTTPS all OK.
Tried to perform a commit already on HTTPS.
There is a window - Autentification Required
where in the line Authentification realm written new old HTTPS instead of HTTP.
Went again in the Integrate Project, there are again HTTP.
Tried again to run Clear the Auth Cache and re-enter HTTPS.

The result is the same.

Tell me what the problem and how to solve it?
August 19th 19 at 22:39
0 answer

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