Mod gzip or Mod deflate?


If the server is available and mod_deflate and mod_gzip which of them has priority to use compression when serving content?

I made the setting"Compress CSS and JS files, Compress HTML," right to produce compression means mod_deflate if it is installed on the server, if it is not then in php (when the file is compressed and stored statically on the server)?
How better for performance?
August 19th 19 at 22:57
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August 19th 19 at 22:59
1) do not have much Difference, sometimes mod_deflate compresses slightly better, but on a small volume that quickly.
2) Depends on the implementation if the site is static and you can at the time of the edit to create the actual compressed version of the page (no dynamic content on it), then immediately squeeze the best course after editing and to distribute it as static. If caching with cdn connect will generally be the plane. Well, if there is dynamic content, then squeeze "on the fly", if this will really reduce the page size.
And for CSS and JS via PHP probably better compress than using mod_deflate?
Once compress and create a static file. - orrin_Trembl commented on August 19th 19 at 23:02
: Yes, right. Generally gz archives, CSS and JS can be prepared directly during development, use gulp or equivalents. Do not forget about caching, particularly images, it is possible to configure in the server settings. - esmeralda.Hahn commented on August 19th 19 at 23:05

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