Localiza program. How to make changes from .dll go to .exe.?

Good afternoon, I would like to translate the program yourself by looking of the user, established a "Resource Hacker" found startup file and the next file from which to load the whole text of the program
After the changes to the file adviser.dll in fact should change adviser.exe and the interface, but nothing happens. No matter how many times I cleaned my registry (the program Reg Organizer) and nothing changes0cbb387fe3f84d009217c8290ffbc36a.jpgcd347fa875e7428cb345cdc6e3a0d55c.jpg
Please tell me what to do to work transfer? Maybe I chose the wrong file, or the item generally is not subject to correction?
Thank you for your attention
August 19th 19 at 23:05
0 answer

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