Thesis project — an Android game or website?

I've got 4 months before it will be necessary to defend the diploma. I understand that nothing really fit I'm not drinking, because really not enough knowledge (in College are not taught properly, I myself fool was sitting in the bunker played 4 years, instead of learn). So the essence of the question: what now will deal more rationally - to learn Java and OOP and try to go at least 100 lessons in startintray or go to pull PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, MySQL... Tell me what you want to be now and try to give myself in this direction?
PS I Myself prefer Java and the development andoroid, a little bit familiar with OOP... But if I have time for 4 months at least to do something? To Your answer, add a couple of literature, if not difficult.
August 19th 19 at 23:27
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August 19th 19 at 23:29
So you played will docku 4 years, and is now asking for help? And then test to work you to do the same, and the same work?
No, you don't. Only the text of the diploma will spend a month. No wonder the same people for 4 years to learn.

Well, and literature, as requested

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