Angular 2 nested components and ranting?

Good day, my dear friend.
I have the following problem: let's say you have the following app structure:
- AppComponent
-- TeamComponent
--- TeamMemberComponent
---- TeamMemberDetailsComponent.

The application has the routes:

When prompted for each route, you will query the api. The problem is that if a user goes to the browser via the last route, an error may occur due to the fact that the parent component has not yet progresista. I would like to know how to solve this problem. One of the solutions that I have found, is that for each route I need to create a service-resolver, and register the routes something like this
 path: 'team/:teamId',
 component: TeamComponent,
 resolve: {
 members: MembersResolverService
 children: [
August 19th 19 at 23:29
1 answer
August 19th 19 at 23:31
if a child component requires information from the parent, perhaps we should make a preloader or hang *ngIf for the child component while the data in the parent will not boot and will not display.

Or get rid of such nesting of components

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