Where or how can I find experience in programming Linux Kernel?

Good afternoon. The question implies quite banal answers, but still. 've been sitting in userspace linux and looking for an opportunity to expand knowledge and experience in programming Linux kernel. As far as practical courses on this topic and which of them you could recommend?
August 19th 19 at 23:30
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August 19th 19 at 23:32
There are no such courses. Core - specific thing.

Nobody is interested in the code, which need some courses to kernel programming.

Few people need an independent development, which otbrykivatsya from which those who have the right to committing to the kernel.
Well, to ask them to implement your code into the kernel is pretty easy.
The Linux kernel has grown to unimaginable sizes - new code take very carefully filtering.

Only themselves.
Try to solve some problem of his own.
Well the driver for any device that runs poorly or does not work in Linux.
This is the most real way - the solution to your problems on their own.

Can try a related project - the FreeBSD.
There is a system of "tasks under the guidance of a senior mentor". But you need to prove yourself initially. But getting there is easier than in Linux, and, again, the senior will.

Sponsored code is the only driver in any office, which designs equipment.
Or some code in a very serious office with very large loads that are not satisfied with the network stack or the Manager or etc.
Or that by the way more real - problem solving things that are highly dependent on the kernel, for example, Docker.

But in any case it is not courses.
You solve the problem yourself, send for consideration.
It is possible (but unlikely) your code will take.
August 19th 19 at 23:34
what the fuck courses
it's open source, just from programming and went the patches.

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