How to set user rights in Joomla?

There is a problem. Site to set user rights so that the user can enter, add article and new material, but it is not seen by other users, including media in the library. Users a lot more than 20.
Does it really solve settings and groups?
I would be grateful for your advice and experience.
August 19th 19 at 23:38
1 answer
August 19th 19 at 23:40
I think not.
Need additional extension or be put to code.
And there are examples of such extensions? It seems to me that it would easier to do in WordPress... - micheal_King commented on August 19th 19 at 23:43
for me personally - it is easier to Jumla. examples - you need to watch in Google. Query: "joomla ACL extension" - Destinee commented on August 19th 19 at 23:46

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