What's wrong with the adaptability of the site?

The problem I have the following.
I laid out the site on local server I checked, everything was fine, but as soon as I uploaded the site to hosting began that I don't even know how to fix it.
The matter of cross-browser. When I go to the site with mobile chrome - some pages like hang and not progruzhat on, and you can't even scroll down - they end right in the header. On some pages, lost background of the site, some are very long loaded. In the built-in Android browser everything works perfectly and connected immediately. The Muff does not open the page, quite different from those that do not open in chrome.
on other phones the situation is the same, but with other pages, but not connected background\freezes the page.
In Opera, almost nothing works, which is very strange.

Please help how to solve this problem ? This voznikaet only adapting layout on computers all appears like to be normal.

I don't even know what code snippet to throw, media fishlow or html markup, because even I have no idea why one page on one device connected at once, and on another hangs and does not move.

Thank you
August 19th 19 at 23:39
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August 19th 19 at 23:41
All errors look in the console: prntscr.com/e0c38y
Obviously prescribe for their styles attribute type

Get the plugin "Prefix Free", he'll do the rewrites styles. Prefixes substitute using gulp.js + gulp-autoprefixer
August 19th 19 at 23:43
Always check through the browser ( Preferably Google Chrome with its developer mode. There you can screen resolution change and see how it looks on other devices). For this it is best to use the most popular IDE, for example Adobe Dreamweaver or Brackets. In such there is always the option to view the site with browser.
And about checking with a local server - I don't even know about this
August 19th 19 at 23:45
Show connection code css and js files

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