Can redux to search and return the object of the state?

Only started to understand and react redux, doing something for the test. And I want to implement a search functionality of the desired elements in the array, so the real question is whether to do reduser, or the component itself? That is, whether reducer filter state and return only the items I need?
August 23rd 19 at 10:33
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August 23rd 19 at 10:35
You have a bit of a blurry question (not clear "filter state.."), but if I understand you correctly, in your reducer you can prepare all the data to the component to display. Reducer it exists.

For example, there is a backend which returns you the answer. You in a component of this response need only a couple of fields. Therefore it is of reducer immediately return only the necessary data.
Yeah, actually this behavior I need. Thank you. - steve commented on August 23rd 19 at 10:38

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