How to set the time interval for spring in a SQL database PHPmyAdmin?

As in the line
(stud.Data) = MONTH(3)
to set the time interval of spring?

SELECT `stud`.The Name `stud`.NumS, `stud`.Data, `stud`.Fakult, `stud`.Course, `stud`.E1, `stud`.E2, `stud`.E3 `stud`.Stip
FROM `stud`
(SELECT MAX(stud.Data) AND MONTH (stud.Data) = MONTH(3) AS average
FROM `stud`
INNER JOIN `rob_gurt`
ON `rob_gurt`.`NumS` = `stud`.`NumS`
ON `gurt`.`NumG` = `rob_gurt`.`NumG`
WHERE `stud`.`Fakult` = "Math") AS q
ON `stud`.`Stip` > q.average

Display information about students who were born in the spring and receive a scholarship stipend exceed the senior student faculty of mathematics.
August 23rd 19 at 10:34
1 answer
August 23rd 19 at 10:36
Variant in a forehead -

(stud.Data) in (MONTH(3),MONTH(4),MONTH(5) )

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