Spring Boot (Scala Project) — Gradle or SBT?


I decided to try a little Scala. Therefore, there have been several General questions.
1. Using Spring Boot, change the main function - everything is fine, starts, mapping was projected written in Scala+Spring MVC - visible. Question: Can I be problems if I for example want this project to tie MongoDB or Spark, so it is with this work in Scala? Problems with Spring Boot project? The question is a little stupid, but I have not seen such, so there was some Spring Scala Boot. Or how to make a Spring Boot project with Scala?

2. With Scala projects - the build quality is recommend to use SBT. I'm much more familiar with Maven and Gradle. If I do Gradle, not SBT project, what challenges I may face? What is SBT which is Gradle?

Thank you.
August 23rd 19 at 10:47
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