It is possible to do such a project for NodeJs?

Good afternoon.
Study node.js, set a goal, to see where to go.
The purpose of the following:
To make the project, which will check for certain people( i.e. you will need to enter the key ).
To be a teacher, which will send all sorts of jobs, and material to registered users, as well make homework, which will also go through the profile of the teacher.
Should I now is all to do with nodes to learn to do, or there are other solutions, specially for such cases?
August 23rd 19 at 10:54
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August 23rd 19 at 10:56
Very simple.
In my opinion this is not the best tool for the job. However, if you don't know and need to do something then the best.
What could be the best option for you personally? - janiya37 commented on August 23rd 19 at 10:59
: personally, I would prefer Laravel for such a small task. At RoR or Django quickly sketch tools similar to Laravel's level. - jodie.Quitzon commented on August 23rd 19 at 11:02
August 23rd 19 at 10:58
in the beginning, do it by your bike
you have a very simple task
And then?
Conceived this project, then what you need it for a month and a half.
With node do? - janiya37 commented on August 23rd 19 at 11:01
: and therefore learn to be independent
node or PHP server can be any
Noda is best because you don't need to learn additional language - jodie.Quitzon commented on August 23rd 19 at 11:04
for the beginner the Council from completing:

the young Padawan to speak freely is necessary for a start in the major languages of web programming
first js, then css and html
you have to understand that you may wish not to use the declarative programming styles and structure of the document tree

web programming easier any other times
development frameworks - labor-intensive case comparable in complexity with the development of the programming language

js is a simple language, easier to get, "Lisp in C clothing"
and the cross platform - beginners most
don't forget the KISS principle - appreciate the minimalism-simplicity-ease
without someone else's obscure code you will get maximum performance
after coming webasm and webCL - your program will be able to fly like the si

textbook Flanagan should fully digest
and php a little bit to begin with - just basic server functions for working with folders and files
or better - learn api node.js to server in js

in the process of learning it is necessary to write your own simple client-server application
chat, painter, text editor, game, etc...
the main thing - without using someone else's code without libraries, frameworks and database ready
you should be able to create their own processing to save the data you need

programming is problem solving -
I can imagine the task in an interesting field and solve it for a few years while you learn

the fat client, skinny server -
server use only for simple functions - read-write files, scan folders, authorization ...

offline and mobile first
you have to understand that mobile touch screen is the main input tool of the 21st century
and that the browser runs in a sandbox, and the files are saved on the server

velosiped first
to learn how - to do you have
three to five years need to gnaw granite
enlightenment inevitably then acquire
and a real web master will be
or even a Jedi or ninzam, if Force be with you


and there is another way - the dark side of programming:
work according to someone else's standard fashion template framework
the endless cycle in samsara capitalist industry
communication with the morons, psychopaths, crooks, lazy, etc.
office or freelancing suffering
easy interchangeable programmer
eternal debugging, reworking someone else's code
failure to do the desired functionality on your own
permanent gugleniya ready-made solutions
depression and despondency
//and the lazy become coders-the nedoprogrammisty))

normal programmers are divided into two types:
1) the engineers - those who can write a template for yourself or for others
2) fitters and caselwiki metalmike - those who work within the template
- both types are necessary for the country, the direction depends on your abilities and talents

the master owns all or certain professions:
6330a2bcdc3b4475bd7f96d1a189f23a.png - janiya37 commented on August 23rd 19 at 11:07
Install path to the folder where you store the view files:
app.set('views', path.join(__dirname, 'views'));

Set path to folder with static resources:
app.use(express.static(path.join(__dirname, 'public')));

Install the root route for your application:
app.use('/', routes);

Could you help me to interpret this way?
What a view files, static resources, the root route? - everardo_West commented on August 23rd 19 at 11:10
> js is a simple language, easier to get
I do not agree. For example,Java, go and C, much easier. - everardo_West commented on August 23rd 19 at 11:13
before learning frameworks and templates - learn to do myself - janiya37 commented on August 23rd 19 at 11:16
: Already did chat on the nod, with the timing of the correspondence in the file dialog.txt. - jodie.Quitzon commented on August 23rd 19 at 11:19
: Chat simple, few users go to the page and communicate. No registration, no nothing extra. A kind of anonymous chat. - everardo_West commented on August 23rd 19 at 11:22
August 23rd 19 at 11:00
For this task, not knowing anything, I'd take python or php or other programmer, but if You already have some practice in js and You know it a little, and on a deadline then take js

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