As from 1C-10.3 PREDPRIYATIE to unload the item?

As from 1C-10.3 PREDPRIYATIE to unload the entire range and category, and the items with prices (even if the price is 0 or not)? And so it was ajtishnikam and ajtishnikam parent, to be able to build a tree of categories and products. Roughly speaking I want to upload an item in a file and then parse it. In the end I want to copy the exact tree as in 1C, but in your format.

Never worked with 1C and I do not understand how to work with it. I tried to do the unload through the formation of price and then was being parsed csv. But don't go to that category in which there is no product and does not get product that has no price.

And indeed, in principle, where to dig, what to look for? As usual, you are exporting data from 1C? How to create the export? How many googled so much and for different versions that I can't understand.

Ideally, I want something like:
Name; Code; Code of the parent; Price; isProduct
Товар1; 034; 002; 100; true;
Subcategory; 002; 001; ; false;
Category; 001; ; ; false;
Товар2; 055; 001; 0; true;
August 23rd 19 at 10:56
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August 23rd 19 at 10:58
The easiest and fastest way in Your case here.
If you want code level to understand, but for ordinary applications this way look.
August 23rd 19 at 11:00
can help treatment forum "uploading of data to the offline cash-bar." There seems to be unloaded item in the file .txt about in the form that you need. Aydishnikov there, there is a product code.

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