Check acumen. As to the location of the browser using extensions?

Good day!
There is a very extraordinary challenge
You need to get the location of the browser (folder) using Chrome Extensions
I have not found a way to get the location of the standard methods
Browser is latest Chrome
Anyone figure out how to do it?
An additional tool is a PHP server that can change something in the file browser (the browser starts thus PHP)
I thought to change the list of open tabs using PHP to keep track of this plugin, but in the file of gibberish which I do not understand
Perhaps this is the solution, but then explain how to work with the file open tabs chrome
Thanks in advance for the help!
August 23rd 19 at 11:00
1 answer
August 23rd 19 at 11:02
The issue was resolved by using the flag --extensions-on-chrome-urls and tabs chrome://appcache-internals/ where the extension reads the path
If someone need :)

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