Feedback from mail server distribution for the application?

There's an app for mass mailings
the task was to raise the new mail server for sending, from the server needs to be feedback to the application, preferably in real time.
The application must somehow understand that the letter could not be delivered to domain in black sheets, and so on. etc., preferably as soon as possible... it is also desirable to teach the app to give commands to the mailer.
Thought to lift postfix,
While there are several solutions to feedback:
1) trivial to parse the log, not quite realtime, but something
2) to Tell Postfix to check each recipient, thereby accumulating base status of the recipients, to analyze it, not realtime
3) Write a filter that would put info in the queue amqp queue shoveled would workername application
4) More ideas...
It's clear that everything is already invented and works, but I don't know it.
He inclined to the 3rd option, how troublesome is it done? Will not have any problems with definition of the status in the filter? Would not trouble to return the letter back to a different smtpd instance?
Maybe I do the wrong, for these purposes, postfix? Is there another mail server such as postfix flexible and having a more convenient hooks out of the box?
June 5th 19 at 21:01
1 answer
June 5th 19 at 21:03
Each recipient an individual email with Return-Path uniquely identifying the addressee. Got an error - deleted from the list.

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