How to call a function and send her the chat id after clicking on InlineKeyboardButton?

There is code:
def listener(messages):
 for message in messages:
 if message.content_type == 'text':
 print(str( +
 "[" + str( + "]: "+ message.text)

bot = TeleBot(TOKEN)

def send_hot_news(message):
 chat_id =
 for i in range(1):
 keyboard = types.InlineKeyboardMarkup()
 button = types.InlineKeyboardButton(
 'Get full text', callback_data='get_full_text')
 txt = open('text.txt', 'rb').read()
 chat_id, txt, parse_mode='HTML', reply_markup=keyboard)

@bot.callback_query_handler(func=lambda call: True)
def callbacks(call):
 if == "get_full_text":
 # here I would like to call otpravit full article
 # private message
 chat_id, 'it doesn't work because the function does not accept chat id')

Please help me
June 5th 19 at 21:08
1 answer
June 5th 19 at 21:10
if it's about function callbacks, before bot.send_message
chat_id =

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