Is it possible to share cookies and collected data with other companies?

For example:
I have a large store of children's toys and clothes, customers put a tick to allow the cookies collection and processing personalizing. Is it possible to share collected data with other companies?
Suppose in the same city there is a shop of baby food or courses for future mothers, to them a man came, pulled the agreement with the cookies, but did not leave your email, and then added items in the cart without filling in their data and leaving the basket is gone, in fact with our data, you can match the cookies and send email reminder to the person saying come here you buy discount. But how will it be legitimate? Wouldn't that be spam? Whether legally they do that?
June 5th 19 at 21:09
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June 5th 19 at 21:11
The paradox is that the rules of processing of personal data to email you and you can specify that you want to pass data to third parties in order which will come up, but at the same time, these same third parties, in accordance with the law on advertising, are unable to interact directly with the client, because this client is not left with third parties your personal data. However, the sending of the advertising message does not fall under the law on advertising. So, in your case, the law does not reglamentary such actions. However user this can hit home and he can refuse to use the services of those to whom you have transferred the data, because "Where the hell you know my mail?".

In fact, a small remark.
Somehow I found a service that, when you visit a website, scans the system and pulled all that you can. id in vk, from there mail, phone and other contact information. Does he not know now, but after this I think five times before you agree to the processing of data and is two blocker, which is 99% rid of the scan such services
Sites that use pixel pull out id-shnik of social networks out of search by Google and Yandex for a long time. But keep track of what you have provided someone your DMP to compare Kokosov and send mail, the search engine can not, so that you will not be banned, but as you noticed may resent the fact that he had not left the mail, and he sent a letter with the basket. - holden commented on June 5th 19 at 21:14
of course I understand this and cited this as an example reaction, not a relatively similar situation that everything is not similar. Here it is necessary to refer to practitioners of risk, marketing and after weighing all the + and-to select the solution. As mentioned above, from the point of view of the law to dig a possible, but very difficult, because you will have to prove that it falls under the restriction. From the point of view of ordinary user, can piss off and for all to discourage the service - augusta_Kirlin4 commented on June 5th 19 at 21:17
a bit like the letters of old "if you received this email by mistake - just ignore it" and large, well-marked, the "unsubscribe with one click". - Casey_Feil commented on June 5th 19 at 21:20
June 5th 19 at 21:13
The Federal law from 13.03.2006 N 38-FZ (as amended on 31.12.2017) "On advertising"
St.18.1. The dissemination of advertisements through telecommunication networks, including through the use of telephone, facsimile, mobile telephone communications, is allowed only with the prior consent of the subscriber or addressee to receive advertising. In this case, advertising is recognized distributed without the prior consent of the subscriber or addressee of advertisements if it is proved that such consent was obtained. Advertisement shall immediately cease the dissemination of advertisements to the person who applied to him with such a request.

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