Couple of questions on the MBP 2017?

Hi all.
Recently took the new CBO, mptt2 and I have a few questions :
1) CleanMyMac consistently shows that the left 4-5h of usage, although the battery is 100%. This is a common trouble with battery life or maybe the marriage?
2) It makes a noise with a rather light load. For example, video + IDE + external FullHD monitor.
All of these troubles?
June 5th 19 at 21:10
2 answers
June 5th 19 at 21:12
2) I have MPXV2, so it makes a noise at the slightest load (what you wrote in your last question about the choice of laptop).
And what of autonomy?
Damn shame, even the NEC would not buzzed, probably :) - krista.Eichma commented on June 5th 19 at 21:15
I specially did not measure, but surfing using chrome probably as much as you have time.
PS. Not to ruin the mood, but wait there is still trouble with keyboard, I thought it can't touch me (laptop is mostly only houses and lives), but no. Touched and how. Please be a can of compressed air. However it is not 100% helps, "G" I never got to win, sometimes duplicated when you click– very frustrating. - Elyse.Ferry38 commented on June 5th 19 at 21:18
That immediately apstar include, let mend or menyayu - krista.Eichma commented on June 5th 19 at 21:21
June 5th 19 at 21:14
I have noise only when working with withmachine. Try to buy a stand.

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