Looking for the perfect terminal emulator for Linux. Is there one?

Want is Talbot (that is, the placement of Windows near one), automatically adding tiles when you open a new terminal (and retracting when closed), a quick maximize/restore the current tile.

I would like it was done in the shell is Awesome, but applied only for terminals.

Tried terminator and tilix - there is no need possibilities.
June 5th 19 at 21:13
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June 5th 19 at 21:15
urxvt + tmux



# 0 is too far from ` ;)
set-g base-index 1

setw -g mode-keys vi

#remove the escape delay

set-sg escape-time 0
# remap prefix from 'C-b' to 'C-a'
unbind C-b
set-option-g prefix C-a
bind-key C-a send-prefix

# kill session
# bind-key k kill-session

# last window ctrl+a
bind-key C-a last-window

# split panes using | and -
bind | split-window-h
bind - split-window-v
unbind '"'
unbind %

# Enable mouse mode (tmux 2.1 and above)
# set-g mouse on

# don't rename windows automatically
# set-option-g allow-rename off

# resize
bind-key-r J resize-pane-D 5
bind-key-r K resize-pane-U 5
bind-key-r H resize-pane-L 5
bind-key-r L resize-pane-R 5

# switch panes

bind-key j select-pane-D
bind-key k select-pane-U
bind-key h select-pane-L
bind-key l select-pane-R

# pane movement
bind-key a command-prompt-p "join pane from:" "join-pane-s '%%'"
bind-key s command-prompt-p "send pane to:" "join-pane-t '%%'"

# Reload tmux config
bind r source-file ~/.tmux.conf

set-g default-terminal "screen-256color"
set-g status-bg black
set-g status-fg white
set-g window-status-current-bg white
set-g window-status-current-fg black
set-g window-status-current-attr bold
set-g status-interval 60
set-g status-left-length 30
set-g status-left '#[fg=green](#S) #(whoami)@#H'
set-g status-right '#[fg=yellow]#(cut-d "" -f 1-3 /proc/loadavg)#[default] #[fg=white]%H:%M#[default]'
set-g status-justify centre

set-ga terminal-overrides ',*:sitm@,ritm@'

urxv = rxvt-unicode? I have it looks like xterm: ikavoi with a scroll bar on the left, curves, fonts and the complete lack of any settings.

Tmux and I have no love for the non-working key combinations to mc - donnell commented on June 5th 19 at 21:18
Configit to tmux, of course, interesting, but resizing Windows is still complicated. Tilix is the leader - donnell commented on June 5th 19 at 21:21

I have it looks like xterm: ikavoi with a scroll bar on the left

unexpected, but it can be configured via ~/.Xdefaults
for example:
! Color scheme : Molokai


!black darkgray
*color0: #1B1D1E
*color8: #808080
!darkred red
*color1: #FF0044
*color9: #F92672
!darkgreen green *color2: #82B414 *color10: #A6E22E
!darkyellow yellow
*color3: #FD971F
*color11: #E6DB74
!darkblue blue
*color4: #266C98
*color12: #7070F0
!darkmagenta magenta
*color5: #AC0CB1
*color13: #D63AE1
!darkcyan cyan
*color6: #AE81FF
*color14: #66D9EF
!gray white
*color7: #CCCCCC
*color15: #F8F8F2

URxvt.font: xft:DejaVu Sans Mono:pixelsize=13.5:antialias=true

Xft.rgba: none
Xft.hintstyle: hintfull
!URxvt.'letterSpace': -1
!URxvt.geometry: 100x30
Xterm*termName: xterm-256color
URxvt*termName: rxvt-256color

URxvt.scrollBar: false
URxvt.lineSpace: 1
URxvt*iso14755: False

URxvt*.transparent: true
! ! URxvt*.shading: 0 to 99 darkens, 101 to 200 lightens
URxvt*.shading: 20

about tmux + mc is also the first link in Google is all written

but resizing Windows is still complicated.

ctrl + a , then shift jMaki hjkl
you can enable resize with the mouse, there in the config is

ctrl + a + z zoom terminal - sherwood.Gutkows commented on June 5th 19 at 21:24
All the same I do not understand why you need urxvt - same gnome-terminal looks better even after this configurations.

And tmux interesting to run via ssh. I'll try to go on it, thanks!. By the way "ctrl + a , then shift jMaki hjkl" - works only 1 time, torment to resize. - donnell commented on June 5th 19 at 21:27
And how to fix Ctrl-PgUp Ctrl-PgDn to mc not found. - donnell commented on June 5th 19 at 21:30
June 5th 19 at 21:17
June 5th 19 at 21:19

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