Why not work to promote a Comodo certificate in the SmartScreen?

I bought a Comodo Code Signing certificate (not EV-certificate) to a natural person for signing software in January 2018 Bought through EmaroSSL, certificate for 1 year.

In fact, the certificate was purchased in order to remove SmartScreen when you download a program users and minimize false positives of antiviruses.

About SmartScreen - the situation has not changed - when downloading software all the time, you receive a warning screen SmartScreen. I know that in order to clear the window, the certificate needs to gain reputation. At the time buying the certificate SrartSSL, this was not a problem - a reputation gained in approximately 30 days and after that, any application signed with a certificate that has gained a reputation, without downloading SmartScreen.

What we have now - despite the fact that the certificate was acquired in January, the software from the website are downloaded from the SmartScreen for about 2.5 months. After that SmartScreen stopped appearing - but the impression is that the reputation gained is not a certificate but a specific program on a specific link.

If something else (new version) to sign this certificate and put it on the website - the problem is - SmartScreen appears when downloading these programs from the site. The amount of distributions certificate-signed and delivered to the clients already exceeds by several times the number signed in 2015 - but the certificate is still not unwound.

It turns out that the certificate is basically useless thing, because even a normal distribution, not even signed by any certificate, likewise gaining reputation in SmartScreen.

What to do in this situation - how to remove SmartScreen when downloading applications signed with a Comodo certificate?
June 5th 19 at 21:14
1 answer
June 5th 19 at 21:16
Unwound, finally. Six months have passed. Apparently, the requirements to Microsoft the number of downloads since then (after 2015) 10 times increased.

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