Which solutions will be appropriate for the project?

The idea arose to implement the project, which should have the following features:

distributed as a distribution
cross-platform: installable on linux, windows
backend: the compiled framework, programming experience in java, c#, php. Mandatory support for Active Record (I really like the implementation for eloquent in Laravel). You must also have sheduler, to complete tasks on schedule.
front: exclusively vuejs, because there is sufficient experience
database: MySQL, Postgres
the possibility of interaction with the operating system, check the installed components for future interaction with them
In fact, the project should be a kind of solution that works for the installed components of the OS, prepares the data, performs processing of user data in these components and stores the results.

Since this is a personal project looking for a free solution, which can be subsequently used for commercial purposes. Reviewed a lot of frameworks for the implementation of the backend, such as Laravel, Spring, Play framework, but in the case of the first - the lack of compilation (do not want to Shine the code), and Spring and Play have a fairly high barrier of entry (one implementation of role-based access that only is, plus too much code for simple operations and IMHO very complex architecture "coupling" them with vuejs). I would like to be able to deliver packages on framework (and abundant repository), to have a good documentation to understand what "spin" the front and how it all combined into one business decision.

Share links to documents that explain how to approach such a project from the design stage till the stage of sale as well as information on how to implement this project on their own, on which decisions to pay attention or perhaps experience of implementation.
June 5th 19 at 21:19

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