The Council digitization guitar gadgets?

Need qualitatively to digitize a guitar stompbox. There is the pedal itself, схема0, схема1, схема2, Matlab.

In the end, need a method in C++, dealing with signal processing, but first I would like to understand where to start. I understand to a good approximation and the possibility to turn of "the whirlings" you need to approximate every concrete detail of the scheme. As to this task to approach?

Need to submit data to every detail and take off the exit? If Yes, how to do it? (remove the release of the very gadgets with the help of a daw doesn't cause problems). Or is it enough to emulate all the parts (resistors etc) with software (what?) and see what happens? And as this model to use C++ to convert the sound?

I must say - I'm not an expert in circuit design, digital signal processing and approximation of the data. Therefore, consider hiring a money expert. But while trying to figure it out myself.
June 5th 19 at 21:23

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