How to fix intel hd 2500 in the VM?

hp microserver gen 8 - all firmware of the last spp
xeon e3-1265l v2
Proxmox 5.2 versions of packages relevant today.
windows 2012r2 vm - guest OS

1. Propositi integrated into the CPU, video card.
2. To use vm intel quick sync for transcoding in plex.

What to do:
1. Included in the bios the integrated graphics is turned off by default.
2. Ordered lspci and was surprised - except no matrox video adapters do not, although those success story that I googled the people vidyuhi the system came, but there was a desktop mother.

The choice in the bios there were 3 options
1. To use matrox, integrasco off
2. To use matrox, integrase included
3. Use integrasco, matrox off
I chose the second item because in the case of the third item, I will break in the ilo remote console, because ilo captures the image with a matrox.

Actually the question - why in the host system does not come with intel hd and how to solve it?
June 5th 19 at 21:25
1 answer
June 5th 19 at 21:27
No way :(

Interavia of integraci do not propisyvayutsya in the new path. The word really. Plavuizen. Best propisyvayutsya ATI written on them and usually a big part of the success story. There are people who have propisyvayutsya NVidia, but there's not just to traverse the map, but put it in the firewood, if it is Windows.
Here the question is no longer propisyvayutsya or not, but the fact that I integrasco on the bus do not see. - Noemy49 commented on June 5th 19 at 21:30
it's really weird. Maybe something in the cunning is indicated? - Esta_Upton commented on June 5th 19 at 21:33
among all the devices I see in the exhaust is anything like lspci/not clear no. It is believed that integrasco not activated stupid, because the cube spices soldered a separate matrox video capture in ilo.
Sadly, I even had a subscription to purchase a plex to activate the hardware transcoding, because more and more often run into videos that client TV doesn't eat and starts the process of transcoding on the fly, and the percent is under this is not enough.
There is an option to buy a separate pci-e card, but the slot is already occupied by the raid controller. - Noemy49 commented on June 5th 19 at 21:36
and if poked in integrou - on it the image will be? - Esta_Upton commented on June 5th 19 at 21:39
it is impossible to poke without soldering. On the mother Board matrox video card is soldered to it attached to vga output. She just appears in lspci as device, its id and description.
Judging by in the process e3-1265lv2 has intel hd 2500, but the campaign during the initialization of the PERC it will not start, because there is an external card.
And I don't really understand the logic of HP since all the percent with which the microserver gen8 is officially sold have integrated graphics, but why the server pushed the solution from matrox.

The task itself propositi device to dev simple enough rake by and large, only in the fact that the device I have for some reason. - Noemy49 commented on June 5th 19 at 21:42

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