Changed fingerprint to the ssh server, how to return the old one?

Hello! The problem is, the server on Debian 9, it was proposed reverse ssh from a remote computer (it is written there in startup) with key access. Foolishly, I reinstalled the system, accordingly, changed fingerprint of Debian. Now when you login the home PC I see this message.
ssh-rsa host key mismatch for !
Md5 Fingerprint is 0c:99:e7:97:8b:71:7c:d7:9a:97:8b:39:f8:9e:a4:2b
Expected md5 81:66:2b:66:a3:85:07:ad:15:7f:63:43:4b:df:e5:1f
If you know that the host key is correct you can
remove the bad entry from ~/.ssh/known_hosts

Although private and public key I have available, and the public key I uploaded to the server in ~/root/.ssh still, the message about the mismatch of prints.
Of course, now the remote PC in the connection to the server is missing. Access to this computer I have now, but it is very necessary. Question - is there a way to return the value of the Fingerprint?
Thanks in advance!
June 5th 19 at 21:29
1 answer
June 5th 19 at 21:31
You don't need to restore. You need to remove the impression that you still have from the old server key, and connect add new.

That is

and login again, adding new cast to the list of known hosts.

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