Is it possible to have multiple concurrent States in the FSM?

Good afternoon everyone!

Reference: Write a small project (mobile children's game) on angulare 4, I had the need to create a small module that would allow you to track the status of the dragging of a UI element on a certain area of the screen. Sounds like drag'n'drop, but only has high complexity, in this connection I implement this functionality completely via js, i.e. without features of html5.

I would like to track the status of the cursor using the FSM, but when compiling some abstract model (on paper) I postoyanno come to the fact that at the same time I need to know 2 States: the cursor position on the screen as the pressing of a mouse button.

Reading technical. information and guidelines for writing code using the fsm, I came to the conclusion that the active state should always be one. But I do not quite understand whether due to one state from the set of similar (e.g., in my case two active States from different sets the situation: "the cursor on the dashboard", button: "mouse button not pressed"), or one state in the whole of the cursor (status: "the cursor on the dashboard and the mouse button is not pressed").

Did while in the first embodiment, but is not sure of his faithfulness, because you have to constantly cekati the presence of two States, which complicates the system. Whether correctly I understand the essence of the concept, or better to convert for the second option?

PS use the abstraction to control fsm + javascript-state-machine package.
June 5th 19 at 21:33

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