C++ plugin Code or in VS download free VS Community?

A set free VS Code. Had to write a small library .so in C++. Is it better to put the plugin C++ Code in VS, or download the free Visual Studio Communinty students/open-source?
June 5th 19 at 21:34
2 answers
June 5th 19 at 21:36
Download Visual Studio Communinty. Only there is full IntelliSense.
June 5th 19 at 21:38
1 - Visual Studio Communinty free for all

2 - but ...
Had to write a small library .so
... for Linux it does not exist. only VS Code. for full VS there are cross development tools for Linux.. but the comfort, especially debugging, is a big question. especially for the library... most likely, all the benefits will go to 0

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