Vue js failed to load image?

Begin to develop vue.js.
Decided to make a Simple application to filter the data in the src folder, created a folder data in it data.js
piece of code:
const data = [
 name: 'vue js',
 //logo: '../assets/vue-logo.png',
 logo: '',
 stack: [ 'framework', 'frontend', 'web', 'mobile' ]
 name: 'react js',
 logo: './assets/react.png',
 stack: [ 'framework', 'frontend', 'web', 'mobile' ]
name: 'Slim Framework',
logo: '../assets/slim.png',
stack: [ 'backend','framework', 'web' ]
export default data;

I've added images to the assets folder

if set the path of images in this format

logo: '',

the picture is displayed

but if such a format

logo: '../assets/vue-logo.png',

I do not understand why not show pictures

project files


How to solve a problem, enlighten me
June 5th 19 at 21:35
1 answer
June 5th 19 at 21:37
As I understand correctly, you have to specify the path relative to the root file of the website/server and not the JS file.
Probably so: /assets/vue-logo.png

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