What cms to choose for shop with 10K positions?

Good day!
There is a challenge to shop for 10K positions at the start. With the need to import using xls/csv and integration with quickbooks (accounting software)
What cms to choose that would best suit this task?
June 5th 19 at 21:36
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June 5th 19 at 21:38
any. 10k is a drop in the ocean. Import using xls/csv are everywhere. quickbooks - XS what is this Supplement to this or that cms, I don't think this is somewhere there out of the box.
I think there are more important nuances in the selection than those that You listed. For example, the storage of goods and their filtering, number of warehouses, type of basket. Usually these things are taking their time when developing and selecting the most appropriate csm robust design, you can save some time and nerves.
June 5th 19 at 21:40
Integration with quickbooks no serial CMS - you just have to remember and get on with my life, do not forget to look at the markets, where for sane money, you write sane code though under hell, even under quickbooks.
By the way, what is quickbooks.? too lazy to Google, like the rest of 99% of authors here some questions...
If this garbage keeps something in the database, it is already half the work on integration done)))
Quickbooks is an accounting program for small businesses (main market USA). It's something like 1C but only with the normal GUI and some funny buns.

(c) https://habr.com/post/200728/ - Ludwig_Miller commented on June 5th 19 at 21:43
another "killer 1C"?
who thinks that the whole focus in the UI? - Zoey_Oberbrunner6 commented on June 5th 19 at 21:46
June 5th 19 at 21:42
ehpm will do.
only Wolmers not take.

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