Why not render the page after the redirect React-Router?

Can't understand why the redirect is incorrectly fulfills.
The problem is that redirect works, then when it changed route, but instead of the page that corresponds to the changed route is the same tag redirect, ie just a blank page.

Here is my code of router (use BrowserRouter, version of react-router-dom 4.0.8)
 <route path="/" exact component="{" indexpage }>
 <route path="/category/:cat" component="{" categorypage }>
 <route path="/article/:id" component="{" articlepage }>
 <route path="/signIn" component="{" authform }>
 this.props.isAuth ?
 <redirect to="/signIn">
 <route component="{" nomatch }>

A further feature is that the pages themselves are loaded using Loadable:
const indexPage = Loadable({
 loader: () => import('../FrontComponents/IndexPage'),
 loading: Preloader

What's the problem, someone tell me? Redirect does not display the required component, although the address changes
June 5th 19 at 21:36

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