What is the office PBX to choose? Panasonic NS500, Samsung 7200, 7070, or other?

All the warm may! Question: choosing a PBX system. Input conditions: E1/10 external lines from provider 30 analog subscribers. On the agenda the three models: Panasonic NS500, Samsung 7200 and 7070.

Is it possible to say that Panasonic|Samsung|the other option is "better", "better", "less buggy"?
June 5th 19 at 21:43
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June 5th 19 at 21:45
Looking from their point of view as working with a great seropeco different dates.
1) Siemens is sooo cool, cosmically roads(licenses for every sneeze and every cost, even BP and those with licenses), reliability does not happen, very difficult to configure. If you want to dokinut fee years later it is a huge adventure in the form of system updates and finding exactly the right circuit Board which is difficult to find and even more difficult to buy. To manually repair circuit boards, you can forget, service, no. A lot of the underhood features, for example such that if the flow E1 port, oops, turns off program and need to pick it up.
2) males - scariest so-so, expensive(a license for every sneeze and cost). To understand how to configure in General can be quite fast if there is knowledge of terms and understanding of the device of telefoni. Services you can find. Komplektuhi shaft everywhere with licenses much more difficult in terms of searches and purchases. Manual repair well with strong interference to perform recently a couple of power supplies quickened. Sometimes there are funny glitches in the most unexpected situations.
3) proton-SSS Vector (diamonds did not feel sorry). Cheap, certified, doing taganroge, the service is excellent. Variations of boards for different tasks, the shaft and the price does not bite. Configured very easily. Maintainability with their hands well, just for a sweet soul. No license as identification, stuck Board and it works. Stability (experience with more than 20 such) are interesting, generally work with years (up to the first issues somewhere around 5-7 years). Very funny with the boards that the manufacturer churns out one circuitry the years and is in constant upgrading, ie you can buy a pack of boards at once or to buy more in a couple of months and they will all differ cardinally circuitry, speaking schematically, everything is just super easy and because of what so easy to repair on their own for pennies. There are pitfalls in the configuration, mostly related, Feb, quite often there are things that seems to be there and configured but don't work or are completely different. Separately, I note that the documentation is fairly flawed, with errors, many moments in it but nevertheless to understand even without it.

In General, I would recommend the proton vector simply because in the long run cheaper, just in case certified, there are boards for every game(E1\PR, 3\4-wires, etc.). Sistemnik lg\lg-ericson. Easily and quickly repaired or use the service(even if the term is already out or no contract). Structurally, just like a brick of steel. Extra vistapanel no. Parts in the form of circuit boards is very simple to buy even years because they do excellent work(with some exceptions of course).
Vskidku for your problem, you need the chassis, PSU to 220V( or 48V\60V if you want and industrial ibap hitch), BEECH (brains), TANK 3 pieces(each 10 AK, membership Board), the module BICM (for E1). At the request INCIDENTALLY (for sistemnika) , XL (8 SL sets). Else instead of the TANK to gain KSAL(2 CL + 6 AC).
Can't say that come on proton right now, but thank you very much for an interesting option. - Leanne.Glov commented on June 5th 19 at 21:48

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