Why WooCommerce does not display the methods of payment?

The essence of the question in the title. Further details:
Connected to the online store on WooCommerce payment system "Alfa-Bank". Activated it in settings of WooCommerce (WooCommerce > Settings > Payments > Settings checkout (first tab)), went to checkout and I see that me not showing the payment method, despite the fact that he's 1, he still needs to be shown. I went back into the settings menu and included some more payment methods and found that they are not visible and select them I can't. Until then, I have included the payment system and everything worked. But for some time I was disconnected and she did. And engaged in the shipping methods. What can affect the display of the choose a payment method at checkout? Please tell me, I would be very grateful.
June 5th 19 at 21:53
1 answer
June 5th 19 at 21:55
The issue has been resolved. When you add a product to cart with price 0 rubles, the payment methods are not displayed :)

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