What are the indicators of productivity used in SMM and some PPC for offline retail?

How to assess the performance of the Department of SMM and how to estimate productivity separately the traffic-Manager to work with offline retail?
Suppose there is a chain of stores under the brand "Tasty food and not very", this store has a Department of marketing and smm, let smm is beautiful and there are a lot of things useful to the client, a lot of likes and reposts, how to understand that it is not Leicestershire on the other side of the Internet, and the real buyers come in offline? How to assess and calculate the benefits of SMM Department? How to calculate the benefit from PPC? Suppose started advertising with yogurt Danone which is nevidannoy price in stores, "Tasty food and not very" how to understand what buyers really racing with this ad, not because the average buyer saw chip price tag and purchase yogurt on a heavy winter?
Share your approaches, cases, figures. How to solve the problem. Which report shall provide the division and with what numbers.
PS Online store and online storefronts are not in this task.
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June 5th 19 at 21:59
2 promotional code that is necessary to register on the website to participate in some lottery or receive other bonuses.
The first promo code — in advertising, the second "under the cap" (even enough promupakovka). So you will be able to estimate the number of people who bought the product after viewing the advertisement (of course, not all who after buy — will still register the promo codes, so registered must still be multiplied by a factor k).
It is rather for FMCG and not for retela. - holden commented on June 5th 19 at 22:02

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